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Whipple, L. E., D. H. Lunt, and B. C. Hyman (1998) Mitochondrial DNA length variation in Meloidogyne incognita isolates of established genetic relationships: utility for nematode population studies. FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED NEMATOLOGY 21:265-271. (PDF) Six Meloidogyne incognita isolates with previously characterized genetic relationships were used to...

Lunt, D. H., and B. C. Hyman (1997) Nature 387:247-247. Animal mitochondrial DNA recombination
Genetic recombination is known to be a source of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variability in plants, fungi and protists, but there continues to be a consensus (based on studies of somatic cell hybridization and DNA repair) that such processes do not operate on animal mtDNA. Contrary to this opinion we have now identified and characterized the end-products of recombination in the mitochondrial genome of the phytonematode Meloidogyne javanica. PDF PMID: 9153388