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Gomez, A., G. J. Adcock, D. H. Lunt, and G. R. Carvalho (2002) The interplay between colonization history and gene flow in passively dispersing zooplankton: microsatellite analysis of rotifer resting egg banks. JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY 15:158-171. PDF Zooplanktonic organisms that disperse passively as diapausing eggs often...

D'Amato, M. E., D. H. Lunt, and G. R. Carvalho (1999) Microsatellite markers for the hake Macruronus magellanicus amplify other gadoid fish MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 8:1086-1088. PDF The long-tail hake Macruronus magellanicus is a demersal pelagic species that constitutes the most abundant fish resource in the southwestern Atlantic...