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Exam answer quotes

Exam answer quotes

I’ve just finished marking a lot of different exam scripts for a several courses. I thought it would be fun to post some of the best quotes from student’s answers that have amused/appalled me over the last couple of years. These answers are from Molecular Genetics, and Evolutionary Biology exams mostly. Hull students are not well represented by this list, most do have really good answers.

Although the desert living sticklebacks, and the dangerous rock pocket mice hunting snakes and owls come close, my personal favourite is the effect of public health measures on Indian morality.

“Alternative splicing is hybridising two different gentetic sets such as a snake and a monkey”

“introns are removed by using exons which occurs using protein synthesis”

“most of this work is done on mices”

“DNA is made up of proteins which are made up of amino acids. Each protein has a series of codons which are 3 amino acids that code for different things that each protein does in order to synthesis the DNA, such as Stop and Start codons.”

“Both species of chimpanzee are omnivores, having being observed feeding both on vegetation, such as shoots and leaves as well as animals, such as termites or small vertebrae.”

“Although there isn’t much difference between some of the A. fulgerator’s colour patterns or adult faeces, which would normally be assumed meant they were the same species”

“All the rest of the population may fall victim to the new virus, meaning extreme death of all the organisms… “

“The saltwater sticklebacks have hard bony scales which help protect it from an attack by predators in the water such as sharks… “

“The semi conservative and dispersive where then tested again with the use of testing the density gradient. 14N + 15N. This is used to see the effect of the weight of density”

“Rock pocket mice… It’s main prey are snakes and owls”

“The Pleistocene glacial cycles caused much of northern and central europe to be pushed south to refugia in Iberia, Italy and the Balkans.”

“The genetic change do not have polytechnic effect”

“SOX genes are intronless, which means they do not contain an intron”

“By 1903, just in India the plague was killing a million a year. However, the morality rate was overall much decreased in this plague due to the increased public health measures, and eventually, antibiotics.”

“Wild sticklebacks have had to adapt to thier surrounding. Their wild and dry surroundings….. to help them to conserve water and live through desert conditions”