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Genetic diversity of spiny-tailed iguanas

Genetic diversity of spiny-tailed iguanas

In collaboration with Carlos Hasbun we studied the phylogenetics and genetic diversity of Mesoamerican spiny-tailed iguanas using both fresh samples and formalin preserved museum specimens. These revealed 3 major genetic groups that corresponded to the Ctenosaura flavidorsalis, C. quinquecarinata and the recently described C. oaxaca species.

Photo Carlos Hasbun


Hasbun, C. R., A. Gomez, G. Kohler, and D. H. Lunt (2005) MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 14:3095-3107. PDF
Mitochondrial DNA phylogeography of the Mesoamerican spiny-tailed lizards (Ctenosaura quinquecarinata complex): historical biogeography, species status and conservation