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Latest Posts Boxes

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  • Why Blog?

    Why am I writing a blog? To be honest the reasons for writing change with time, but at the moment… Its theraputic. I am a big supporter of open access publishing and open source software. So extrapolating I suppose random blog-like thoughts are more bene...

  • 20,000 leaves on my tree

    Apologies to Jules Verne, but on 30.10.07 there were 20,363 Metazoan SSU rDNA accession numbers in the Silva 92 database. My immediate questions- can a reliable phylogeny be constructed from this by a biologist with average computing resources? Can the resulti...

  • SILVA 93 released

    The rDNA database SILVA has a new release- SILVA 93.More sequences and some new tools have been added.Metazoa now contains 21,901 accession numbers.[eukarya 83,915, all domains 563,587]...