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27 Oct Autonomous evolving advertising

Is it possible for advertising to evolve without human intervention? Today I was having a great coffee break discussion with Domino Joyce and James Gilbert about student classes and evolution experiments. We moved on to whether it is possible to evolve...

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27 May ReproPhylo: a reproducible phylogenomics environment

Our new phylogenomics environment is called ReproPhylo. It makes experimental reproducibility frictionless, occurring quietly in the background while you work on the science. The environment has a lot of tools to allow exploration of phylogenomics data and to create phylogenomic...

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23 Nov 5 star open phylogenetic data

I've recently come across the idea of stars for open data quality thanks to Steve Moss. The table below is from 5stardata: ★ make your stuff available on the Web (whatever format) under an open license ★★ make it available as structured data (e.g.,...

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21 Nov Reproducible phylogenetics part 3; how

tl;dr Phylogenetic experiments need explicitly designed reproducibility, rather than accidental or partial reproducibility. There are many working reproducibility solutions out there differing in their approach, interface and functions. There is no perfect solution for all cases, and you can learn a...

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